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Iota tiefgestelltes adscript. I thought that that capitals were always written with diacritics preceding that the inclusion of subscripted capitals in some newer unicode fonts was a mistakesee here 1 Lo2u 22 34, subscripts following 1 June UTC.

Die Zeichen 037B bis 037D8) sind nicht. Is adscript really a mixed approach. A normal full sized iota glyph) instead whenever the host letter is capitalized. When this happens Недостаје: tiefgestelltes.

Themixed" approach seems Недостаје: tiefgestelltes. Unicode Greek Coptic Recherche Redaktion 890, Griechisches Ypogegrammeni tiefgestelltes Iota, ͺ x037A Greek Ypogegrammeni iota subscript. Talk Iota adscript Wikipedia Mixed approach edit. Ι Iota x0399 Griechisches großes Kappa, Greek Capital Letter Iota iota adscript 922, Großes Iota, Κ Kappa x039A Greek Capital Letter Kappa
Iota subscript Wikipedia Different conventions exist for the treatment of subscript adscript iota with uppercase letters. In Western printing the most common practice is to use subscript diacritics only in lowercase environments to use an adscripti. Definition of Iota Adscript by Merriam Webster Define iota adscript: the unpronounced iota of a Greek improper diphthong when written on the line after the long vowelused in standard printing Недостаје: tiefgestelltes.

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Iota adscript Revolvy The iota subscript is a diacritic mark in the Greek alphabet shaped like a small vertical stroke or miniature iotaι⟩ placed below the letter. It can occur with the vowel letters etaη, omegaω, and alphaα. It represents the former presence of an offglide after the vowel, forming a so calledlong diphthong.

Недостаје: tiefgestelltes. Pronunciation Guide Note on ω: You may also hear omega pronounced like long o in English go.

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Note on ῳ: This is a so called long diphthong, because it is a combination of long vowel ω and ι. The recommended pronunciation reflects postclassical practice. In the fifth century this was a true diphthong, but the iota part of the sound weakened Недостаје: tiefgestelltes.