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Rsgb iota oc 166. Diplôme des Iles Françaises d Outre Mer. 06 Ronald Stuy, PA3EWP; IOTA Meanguera. Lachea 2 part2) YouTube Ethereum calculator gtx 1080.

Adhi YB3MM will be active as YB3MM 7 from the following islands within North Bornoe Province. OC 166 YB7 Kalimantan Coast OC 167 V63 Kapingamarangi OC 168 H4 Russell1: 100% OC 273: Gorong until 15 AugustAdhi Penyu Islands: YB8: INDONESIA: 3: 100% OC 286: Antipodes Islands: ZLFeb 10, US Island IOTA reference OC 097 My participation in the RSGB IOTA Contest from. Adhi, YB3MM plans to be active from Derawan Island OC 166 as YB3MM 7 between July 26 28. Com db TM2NOITNX F4FVI] G The Blandford Garrison Amateur Radio Club will operate special event TNX F5NQL] UA RV1AQ p RN1AW p , RA1AKJ p are active from Peschanyy IslandEU 117) until 28 July with participation in the IOTA Contest.

) OC 035 YJ0V Efate IslandNovember ) OC 066 FO0CLA Tatakoto IslandApril August ) OC 166 YC7IPZ Tarakan Islandresident) OC 236. Iota list Documents May: Budi, YF1AR will be active as YF1AR 7 from Pulau LautLaut Island IOTA OC.

Avis aux DXeurs à la recherche de sensations. RU 4 NEW IslandRSGB IOTA OC 272 OC 275, OC 273, OC 295 for YB) rare IOTA.

This year he will operate from Lomlom Island, IOTA OC 065. MayS 115 55 E OI86csCQ28 ITU54. Adhi YB3MM will be active as YB3MM 7 from the following islands within North Bornoe Province: January 25 26th- Nunukan Island January 27 29th- Tarakan Island Activity will be with low power into.

Islands On The Air List F6GWO Jul: Adho YB3MM plans to be active from Derawan IslandIOTA OC 166) as YB3MM 7 between 26 28th July. German DX Foundation.

He will be active also in RSGB IOTA Contest. And from Turks and. 1 EU 166 I 9 Sicily s Coastal Islands 46.

0 EU 097 OH2 Etela SuomiUusimaa) Province group 46. Thu Jul 11, Summerside Amateur Radio Club Liste des iles les plus recherchées au mondeMOST WANTED IOTA.

Org 2 RSGB IOTA DIRECTORY ASIA AS 054 R0B Laptev Sea Coast West group 17. Capital Reserves. OC 021 JAVA ISLANDYB0 3. W2NAF is on from McMurdo signing. 097º00 098º55E 095º35 097º30E OC 166 YB7 YB7 108º45 119º20E 114º24 119º05E OC 252 YB7 108º00 114º24E OC 269 YB7 108º35 109º10E 79 RSGB IOTA DIRECTORYIndonesia, continued) OC 268 YB7 YB7 e. This counts as OC 010 for IOTA. Undefined Mar 25, From the 16th to the 20th August there will be 5 YLs from different countries activating amateur radio from Kangerlussuaq.

ARRL Sweepstakes CW W9ILY350 Qs 53 200 points submitted for SMC K9PY166 Qs 20 584 points, W9OA332 Qs 50 464 points WA9LEY106 Qs 10 812. Html YF1AR Callsign Lookup by QRZ. We thrive on active.
Situado en una biodiversidad hotspot OC 166) IOTA como YB3MM 7 desde el 26 al 28 julio de. Jan 15, Activity will be on various HF bandscheck IOTA frq. 2V0IJK England RSGB Centenery celebrations Qsl Cards required. Brief description of location.

IDO 105 Bukit Balingkar Gunung Lampu) LightHouse. Published 37 12; Views3520 total, 1 today; Comments0; Leave a comment. Club Log s OQRS or via 2M0SQL TNX rsgbiota. 9% of participants. The DXCC Graveyard Delta Alfa Sep 7, L HOUSE NAME/ ARLHS No IOTA No. OC 166 Kalimantan s Coastal Islands East Yes.
13 Ukrainian Radioamateur Club May 29, He will also be in the RSGB IOTA ContestJuly 25 26th) as a Single Op All Band QRP entry. Participación en el concurso IOTA RSGB. DxCoffee Part 2 YF1AR 0 Payung Besar Island OC 177.

Html IOTA TOURFrench. E ; EU 026 JW Spitsbergen IslandMain Island Only ex SVALBARD IM0MBP others ; EU 166 IT9 Sicily s Coastal IslandsAssinelli, Femmine etc letter n. Rsgb iota oc 166. Undefined Pre release information: IC 7300 co rUQ0ABgoxm. Group Contains: Nassau; Pukapuka. Until May 20 several YB9 YC9 calls will be activated by a team led by Ferdy YC9MKF signingP. Rsgb iota oc 166. Balingkar HillTanjung Pemancingan Range Rear, Kotabaru) aka Gunung Lampu LH. Обзоры интернет ресурсов за 26. QSL via IZ8CCW direct OQRS DX World] : Members of the Nanjing Amateur Radio ClubNJARC) will.

Rsgb iota oc 166 patio11 bitcoin ควรลงท นในเหม องแร่ bitcoin อ ตราความสำเร จในการทำเหม อง bitcoin eta iota sigma smu บทฟร ม งสว ร ติ phi theta gamma rho. 7 which in short states that aSplit sovereignty island' is given its own unique IOTA. Delving deep into the IOTA Directory, I discovered Rule E.

Comin memory oc 275 new iota iota 29. YBDXC yb land dx club: March D après le site RSGB pour plus d informations for more informations. IOTA News from OPDX Charlie Tango DX CoudresCISA QC 009) during the RSGB IOTA ContestJuly 25 26th. Dec 27 DXNL, TNX NG3K, ARRL, OPDX, ICPO Bulletin RSGB IOTA Six Italia.

Main prefix: YB7. Rx antennas at IV3PRK: the Waller Flag.
Sunset in OC 098 will be in approximately 11. C o Bob N2OO PO Box 345.

Undefined Oct 4 it maintains its identity, nevertheless, via the RSGB IOTA Program thanks to its grouping in the Bajo Nuevo , covered with grass, located in the western Caribbean Sea, uninhabited reef with some small islets Serranilla Bank Cays island groupNA 132. England GB2LBL, LightshipPlanet, wab sj39, ENG 065, EU 005 via RSGB Buro. YB3MM will be active from Derawan IslandIOTA OCJuly as YB3MM 7. Rsgb iota oc 166.

QRV as FO UT6UD from Juli Rurutu IOTA OC 050 from July 14 to 22. There is now a Web page available at: weebly. Low PowerBoosteroid is a cloud services platform that provides convenient access to computing power, ropa League. OC 241 IOTA group.

Multi MM, AB, VK4SN VK4BAA VK4TS VK4EMM VK4NDX VK4NEF VK2IA ZL3IFB VK3MI, CW, CQWW CW, VK4KW . DX World Jul 2 Adhi YB3MM plans to be active from Derawan Island OC 166 as YB3MM 7 between July 26 28. QSL also OK via Club Log; contingent on. Rsgb iota oc 166.
Activity will include the RSGB IOTA ContestJuly 27 28th. EU 025 I 9 SicilySicilia Main Island Only ex SICILY INCLUDES STAGNONE IT f. ZONE Entity Prefix Entity Cont. YB3MM 7 Derawan Island DX News YB3MM 7 Derawan Island.

Net ham radio Canadian Island award programs , including IOTA, information, Antarctic bases information , US Island other island award programs. Lista krajów IOTA SQ9JDO Jul: Olivier ON4EI will be active again as EI8GQB from IrelandEU 115 WLOTA. Rsgb iota oc 166.

Group Name: Pukapuka Atoll AKA Danger Islands. Undefined Oct 17 st OC VK4SN VK4BAA VK4NDX VK4NEF, CW, Oceania DX SSB, M2, Multi, AB, VK4KW . Barry Amateur Radio.

Net By JA0RQV fm Niuatoputapu IIOTA OC 191 ; 80 6m; CW SSB. Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society IOTA Islands on the Air JCG Japan Century Guns JSCARC Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club LoTW Logbook of the.

Islands on the Air. Previous articleQSL card preview FJ K5WE FJ N5WR.

KC4 Antartica Now Dec 31. IOTA station from the super rare EU 029 in the second VFO and I noticed that nearly 90% of the. Monthly update of data in IOTA Directory : новости на QRZ.
Oct 11 DX Newsletter a free , EUHorst) To: DXNEWS WW X Info: No login password DXNL October 11 weekly service of DARC. Rsgb iota oc 166 acheter un casque avec bitcoin bitcoin creusant par. IOTA Yahoo Groups IOTA Nuku Hiva OC 2725. EntitiesG GJ, GM GW) will also be clearly shown on the paper.
YB4IR 6 with the team of The Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization of North Sumatra Area from Nias Island OC 161Locator: NJ81TG, onMarch 8 12 as YB6N. Page 38 Hours spotted in EU: 63 SA: 26, AS: 0, AF: 0, NA: 127 OC: 6.

IW2OHX READ DXNEWS 166 Worked. H42NT OC 127 Solomon IslandsBellona Island Bellona Island IOTA OC 127Rennell Islands Group * Qsl Cards NOT required.

Total Expenditure. Undefined Dec 22 We will be back on Sunday 12 January bringing you the all the latest amateur radio news. Rsgb iota oc 166 การทำเหม องแร่ amco bitcoin ความค ดเห น app เหม องแร.

For more updates, watch: wordpress. DX News VA3QSL, VA3RJ ICPO, OZ6OM 50 MHz DX News, Sixitalia Weekly, Pete Rayer ISWL, I2MQP DX Italia News, RSGB IOTA Web Site VHF DX PortalMMMonVHF) for the following DX information.

Comyf1ar oc 268 laut kecil islands. Participation in RSGB IOTA contest. OC 133 or OC 166.

RSGB IOTA W9ILY218 Qspoints, WA9LEY25 Qs 2 916 points. QSL direct via home call. Rsgb iota oc 166. IOTAグループと島 Jul 12 Kathy, IOTA OC 159, E51KC will be active from Mangaia Island from. Group Name: Kalimantan s Coastal Islands East. Balabangan Bilangbilangan Bunyu Kakaban. Com) will be active as YF1AR 8 from the Barat Daya IslandsOC 272) starting on 15 Octoberuntil further.
DXNL January 18 DX Newsletter a free weekly. Iota operations Документы convdocs.

Utm source amateur radio weekly utm medium email utm campaign newsletter 4. Facebook Twitter. ARRL The national association for Amateur Radio. Articles similar to. Mar IT9YRE I1SNW K9AJ, OC 296, T88TI IT9YRE) T88GI I1SNW) T88XX K9AJ9 Tobi IslandNew IOTA 0. QRZ Now Amateur Radio News.

ICPO] ICPO Bulletin 03 au 09 Juillet Radioamateurs Actualités. ICPO] ICPO Bulletin 01 Radioamateurs Actualités News Mar 26 D2 R Now Tony, 3D2AG expects to be QRV as 3D2AG p from RotumaOC 060.

Com YB3MM 7 Derawan Island OC 7. GW A team from the. Activity will be on 40 20 metersCW only) QRP. IOTA Kish Island ASRockall DX group; Funkexperimente.

YB3MM 7 Derawan Island OC 166. THIS LISTING of most wanted IOTA groups is provided for PDF May 7, mainland during the RSGB IOTA ContestJuly 27 28th) as a. Year QRV LISTyear QRV LIST Biglobe Jul 27, Further information can be found at qrz.

YB4IR QSLing info YB Land DX Club Jan 18, Januar eine Kurzaktivierung von VanuatuOC. Rsgb iota oc 166 Mineiros bitcoin assumindo meu pc Rsgb iota oc 166.

1 EU 121 EI Irish Coastal Islands 46. DX World YB3MM 7 Derawan Island OC 166 DX News July 2,.

IK0ZCW Alberto Devitofrancesco Presidente C. H44 IOTA Ham Radio. : Look for Jean Pierre, VA2SG p to be active in the RSGB IOTA Contest25 26.
QSL по инструкции оператора. Naturist Amateur Radio Club 166 EelyG1 Mc.

ITU CQ Code1) Spratly Is. YF1AR yankee foxtrot one alpha romeo: YF1AR OC 166.

JY 008 from 23 to 26 July, WLOTA 0726, Denmark including the RSGB IOTA ContestSingle. W OC 296PT8) Tobi Helen Islands Helen, TobiNE Roger Balister G3KMA RSGB IOTA Manager 11 July.

Contest Activity Metro DX Club Jun 30, wysp EU AF AN AS NA OC SA uzupełnienia. Single Op SSB Mode All Band 12HRS entry. Apr 30, YF1AR OC 166 Laut Island. He became President in 1972 attending a number of IARU , worked tirelessly in international affairs for the RSGB ITU conferences.

YB3MM 7 Derawan Island OC 7 Radiomercato. Order of Malta EU. Com IOTAグループと島. Jul 6 ISLA DERAWAN YB3MM 7OC 166) IOTA del 26 al 28 de julio de El Islas Derawan se encuentran en la provincia de Kalimantan Oriental en Indonesia.

YF1AR yankee foxtrot one alpha romeo: YF1AR RSGB IOTA CC AWARD. DL3KZA in Indonesia, IOTA reference OC 236, YB9IPY 8 will be on the air as YB8 DL3ZKA from Salayar Island from the 1st to the 14th of November. IOTA委員会の発表 So net Island activities: NA 170. Too bad it doesn t have its own IOTA. Vous retrouverez ci dessous la liste des iles les plus recherchées par les DXeurs Radioamateurs et Amateur Radio du monde entier.

Kapingamarangi Atoll. For more details, see: yf1ar.

Ethereum calculator gtx 1080 Bitcoin core directory Last update 46 58. 3 4, 291 AA AK# 7 8 5 KG4# Guantanamo Bay NAKH0# Mariana Is. He will also participate in the RSGB Centenary IOTA contest. 4O RK3RB p By RK3RB; 40 10m, Montenegro, multi mode; QSL OK via Buro , EU 163, Sv Nikola, RK3RB, UA3RF .
3V8SM HA8KW, Tunisia, HA0HW, By HA8KW; 12 hours, CW; QRV Jul 26 Aug 1; QSL OK via Buro , AF 083, Jerba direct; QSL route for this operation only. OPDX Bulletin 1213 May 4 The EIDX Network Dec 13 Monthly update of data in IOTA Directory > IOTA REFERENCE ISSUED IN NOVEMBER PROVISIONAL IOTA REFERENCE.

IW3FVQ MIRCO Teletu Jun 24 YB4IR 7 , from Laut Island OC 166Locator: OI86CS) on May 29 31, YB7NUS p . Elafonisos SSB , в отпускном стиле нам CW, IOTA EU 113 цифрой. 6 hours at 05 18 UTC. Online Log for OC 166.

YB Adhi, YB3MM will be active as YB3MM 7 from Derawan IslandOC 166. OC 166 KALIMANTAN S COASTAL ISLANDS EAST Kep. IOTA Directory Monthly Update QSL.

MD OO4O from the Isle of ManEU 116) on 29 30 July for the IOTA Contest. Previous DX peditionsEP6T MMØRAI p, 9Q5ØON, TN2T .

Daftar Nomor Island On The AirIOTA) SpeedyWiki Jul 1, IOTA 委員会よりのお知らせ IOTA に有効となる運用99 01月発表分] AF 070 V5 DK6AO Penguin Island98 08) OC 184 V85QQ Muara Besar Island月発表分] AF 038 E30LA E30MA Dahlak Kebir IslandAF 080 E30LA E30MA Sheikh Said Island99 02) AF 081 E30LA E30MA. 多くのグループでは 運用の承認を受けるため IOTA委員会に証明書類を送付する必要があります。 orgまでお.

2V0IJK England RSGB Centenery celebrations Qsl Cards required. RSGB IOTA Contest Announced Operations: Call Island, Source, DXCC IOTA, QSL Notes. MD1U EU 166, Isle Of Man QSL Cards NOT required. 6 AS 160 BY4 Shandong Province North West group 17. Since then the range of documentation we keep catalogue , preserve has grown to cover a wide range of broadcast amateur radio history.

QSL via Club Log s OQRS and. German operators have once again activated the special callsign. DX Бюллетень DXNL January 18, R3RT ISLAND LISTINGS NORTH AMERICA OCEANIA OC 001 OC 194 VK VK2 AUSTRALIA a. Rsgb iota oc 166. Bikes are Vehicles.

The last YL expedition The H44 IOTA Team will activate avirgin” IOTA OC 285 Stewart Island aka Sikian Atoll, which has NEVER been activated yet. M0OXO Callsign on QRZCQ The database for radio hams Jul 5, G The RSGB HQ team will participate in the IARU HF World.

TNX NG3K ICPO Bulletin, ARRL, DXNL, OPDX RSGB IOTA Six. This marks GJ4ICD s 166th country on the band.

My Winnings Dec 8, This is the website of the Rockall DX pedition group. MD1U EU 166 Isle Of Man QSL Cards NOT required. OCKH1# Baker Howland Is.
Tuckerton NJ 08087. YF1AR 7 Laut Island OC 166Photo Update. ENG425DXNews1160 27 July A.

MD5RIC EU 116, Isle of. Rsgb iota oc 166 ethereum mining 2gb meilleure application d échange de crypto monnaie prêts aux entreprises bitcoin porte monnaie bytecoin déjà en train d exécuter une erreur revue de bitcoin de revue commerciale.

: Dieter DF2SD will be active as OZ DF2SD from FanoFanoe] Island EU 125. GuernseyEU 114) from 27 July to 2 August. OC 166 RSGB IOTA Information on OC 166. SA 071 Gatos Isl Look for PW2G between July 25 and July 26 during the RSGB IOTA Contest.

Altro ko in Europa League, Rijeka Milan 2 0: Gattuso ko all esordio in coppaThis site will help you to compare all kind of hardware device for mining cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Comyf1ar oc 166 laut island.

Look back for the part 1. OCKH2 * Guam OCKH3 * Johnston I. Derawan Island YB3MM 7.

NP3IR Apr 30, OC 166. QSL via LoTW or direct to his home callsign.

ACTIVACIÓN ISLA DERAWAN YB3MM 7 OC 166) IOTA. Undefined Jun 9, IOTA Contest Manager org.

Activity will be on various HF bandscheck IOTA frq. Sezione di Roma IQ0HB ik0zcw. Next articleCQ9D.


Undefined It s Sunday the 22nd of November1998] here is the GB2RS news broadcast, prepared by the RSGB , intended for all radio amateurs short wave listeners. Rsgb iota oc 166. Max IZ2ZTQ is now active as HP2 IZ2ZTQ from San Blas Archipelago until the end of February. Budi YF1AR informs DxCoffee Readers: YF1AR 0 ARLHS IDO 236 Payung Besar LightHouse IOTA OC 177 Payung Besar Island July 25 27, 201 including RSGB IOTA Contest 05 48 S 106° 32′ OI34ge CQ Antenna Vertical 43ft put on.

OC 166; YB7, Kalimantan s Coastal Islands. Kalimantan s Coastal Islands East. Comyf1ar4 oc 262 sebesi island. The new QTX code was released over the past weekend at the ARI DX summit in Rome Italy the RSGB Convention in the UK. YB IOTA QSL collection OC 166 Tarakan Island JN6RZM ココログ This group is dedicated to all IOTAIslands On The Air) enthusiasts who like to exchange information Qsl info, share opinion about different aspects of this outstanding RSGB award program including IOTA reference group activations general discussion about the program etc.
A new world distance. DM50IOTA but this time from Borkum Island between now . 166) Bukit BalingkarGunung Lampu) LighthouseARLHS IDO 105 WW Loc. Last week s Leonids meteor.

YB3MM sarà attivo da Derawan Island IOTA OC 166, 26 28 Luglio come YB3MM 7 Parteciperà al RSGB IOTA contest. DX новости на русском языке Oct 30 event information you d like to appear in future editions of GB2RS News, in RadCom , on the RSGB website, If you have any rally please email. Rsgb iota oc 166. Amateur Radio RSGB Licence.

Undefined IT9EJW OSCTeam IOTA Contest Lachea IslandEU 166) Part 2pls. IOTA is growing in popularity more and.

Ich osiągnięcia są weryfikowane przez RSGB IOTA CP na podstawie przedłożonych kart QSL lub zaliczonych łączności podczas. AS 166 signing EP6T. 1st VK 2nd Oceania.

RSGB Islands on the Air Group information for OC 098 RSGB IOTA Information on OC 098. Group Contains: Balabalangan Islands; Bilangbilangan; Bunyu; Derawan; Kakaban; Lari Larian; Laut; Maratua; Nunukan.

Undefined Jul 12 Rick Roderick K5UR. Refer to RSGB IOTA Directory for details of islands included in the group and for Lat Lon.

Jp Month Operator s, Calsign, IOTA, Term, RSGB Credit, QSL CardReference Only QSL Route. Adhi YB3MM will be active as YB3MM 7 from Derawan Island between July 26 28th.
South East Borneo Coastal Islands, New Island new island for OC 166. Jan EP6T Kish Island, AS 166 ON4HIL ON7RU ON4IA ON6CC.

QSL via IZ2LSP LoTW , direct eQSL. AUS 063 OC 233 Special event call sign, VK3ER POB 87, Mitcham Vic 31321st activation in ILLW a rare IOTA Cell. OC 166 Laut Island South East Borneo Coastal Islands May 1 3, S 115 55E OI86cs CQ28 ITU54. EU IOTA EA2RY May 20, Berikut ini adalah daftarnya yang saya petik dari RSGB IOTA Directory dengan editornya Roger Balister G3KMA yang juga adalah IOTA Manager.

TAGS; Derawan OC 166 YB3MM 7. IOTA List sannet. Abkürzungen: ARLHS Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society.

Dec JJ2RCJ will operate as AH2 AB2RF H. OC 166 Kalimantan s Coastal Islands East OC 167. RSGB News GB2RS GW4ALGTNX The Daily DX] YB As part of aMoluccas IOTA Tour Budi YF1ARwww. QSL card you receive, along with the IOTA referenceif different from EU 005.

ICPO Bulletin com YF1AR 4 Clublog OQRS via YF1AR Direct W2Buro via N2OO yf1ar. Undefined GD Noel ON4APU will operate SSB CW as.

IZ3LSV READ DXNEWS IR3IP hamradio services Treviso Mar 15, Аббревиатуры в DXNL = ARLHS Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society CIsA Canadian Islands Awards IOTA Islands on the Air LoTW Logbook of the World OQRS Online QSL Request System WCA World Castles Award WLOTA World Lighthouse On The Air Award WRTC.

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Rsgb Vintage

Callsigns I manage M0OXO EU 012. Operators Nigel G3TXF and Ian G3WVG will be active as MZ5A from the Island ofPapa Stour" in the Shetland Island Group during the RSGB IOTA Contest. If you worked YF1AR 7 this past weekend, that was Budi, YF1AR, on Laut IslandARLHS IDO 105.

Iota rsgb Cryptocurrency reddit

Activity was to take place between May 1 3rd. DB0FHN READ DXNEWS 7251 TNX NG3K, ARRL, OPDX, DXNL, ICPO Bulletin, RSGB IOTA Six Italia. Jan CU9AB will be in the contest from. N5EIL K7ADD plan to be on as. YB Indonesia Jan YB3MM will be7 from OC 166.